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Whether you want information about abandoned vehicles, housing, leisure, walks or zoos, our A to Z should help you find what you are looking for.

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Business waste collection

Business waste collection

Car park season ticket

Car parks - council

Caravan site licence

Chairman - invitations

Chairman general information

Change of address

Cherwell bond scheme

Cherwell community bank

Cherwell Link

Cherwell link card scheme

Cherwell local strategic partnership

Home page of Cherwell Local Strategic Partnership

Cherwell local strategic partnership was formed in 2009.

Children and family care

Fundango - promoting movement play

Arts development aims: to raise awareness about movement play and its benefits for all ages, in particular in the early years. What we provide: training and support for the local network of movement play practitioners, parents, play workers and teachers via Fundango - promoting movement play.

Choice Based Lettings

Clean air act approval

Climate change - what is it?

Climate change and sustainability

Conservation advice

Conservation area legislation manages change in urban and rural areas to preserve and enhance the best of the past and allow for new development. We designate and prepare appraisals for conservation areas, and consider any development that takes place within a conservation area.

Climate change - useful websites

A list of useful websites containing facts, information and advice on climate change

Climate change effects

Climate change policies

Climate change what you can do to help

Clinical waste

Closed circuit television (CCTV)

Code of conduct

Commercial lettings

Commercial property

Committee membership

Community advice

Community safety

How we help to make Cherwell a safer place to live, work and visit.

Job clubs

If you are out of work, facing redundancy or looking for a change of career then Oxfordshire's first job clubs in Banbury and Bicester can provide you with valuable information and advice.

Community association grants

Community centres and facilities

Community directory

Community Governance review

Community Governance Review

Community partnership forum

Community safety

Community safety strategies

Community support officers (accredited)

Community transport services

Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Compost at home

Conservation (planning)

Conservation advice

Conservation and urban design strategy for Cherwell 2012 - 2015

Conservation areas and appraisals


Construction information and advice

Consultation information


Contact us

Contaminated land

Contracts register


Cooling tower notification

Cooper School Sports facility, Bicester


Council documents

Council meetings

Council tax

If I pay council tax must I be on the voters register?

No, the council tax list is independent of the voter's register.

Council tax - valuation and banding

Council tax band reductions

Council tax charges 2017/18

Council tax discount

Council tax exemptions

Council tax payments

Council tax reduction

Council tax refund


Councillors' allowances

Councillors surgeries

Countryside information and advice

Customer promise

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer service

Horton General Hospital and Community Partnership Network (CPN)

Your councillor

Your district councillor

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