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We are responsible for acting on reports of fly tipping to both remove the waste which is on public land and to locate and prosecute the offenders. Where the waste is hazardous the council has a responsibility to ensure public safety until such time as the waste can be removed.

Image depicting ...and unsightly
...and unsightly
Image depicting Fly tips can be dangerous...
Fly tips can be dangerous...
You can report incidents of fly tipping within Cherwell District online by following the useful link to the right or by contacting environmental services (under contacts to the right).

It would be helpful with the investigation if the person making the report could leave contact details, so that we are able to confirm location of the fly tip and obtain any further information relating to the incident.

Investigations are carried out to obtain any evidence that may help in identifying the offender. Arrangements are then made to clear the waste from public or council land. If the tip is on private land, then the land owner will be responsible for having the waste removed. If a potential fly tip has been found, it would be helpful to report the incident to us as soon as is possible so that any evidence that might still be in place can be obtained.

How long will it take?

We will aim to investigate all fly tips within 24 hours and, when on public or council land, remove within two working days.

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