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Road closures for special events

If you are holding a special event such as a parade or social gathering and would like to close the road you will need permission.

We have limited powers to make temporary traffic regulation orders relating to special events taking place on the public highway. Oxfordshire County Council have more extensive powers.

The types of events for which orders are made by us include:

A minimum notice period of 6 weeks is normally required for requests.

The amount of work involved in making an order can vary considerably. It's relatively simple to make an order for an event year on year where the circumstances have not changed. However, a significant amount of time is likely to be spent on first time or one-off requests for orders, involving discussion with the applicants, site visits, consultation with the police and the county council, the drawing up of signage requirement plans and diversionary routes, notifying bus companies and the emergency services, and the drafting of the order and associated notice.

The full cost of making an order may vary considerably, and actual costs, in some cases, could be several hundred pounds.

If we tried to recover all our costs through charges many events would not be held. Therefore the following charges have been fixed to provide income towards meeting our costs:

  1. For Orders made on an annual basis or for orders with limited impacts £87.50 + VAT plus any ancillary advertising and signage costs.
  2. For road closures of significant size and/or multiple road closures £175 + VAT plus any ancillary advertising and signage costs.
  3. For commercial events - double the basic charges set out in (a) and (b), plus any ancillary advertising and signage costs.
  4. It is recognised that there will need to be occasional exceptions to the standard charges, where charges might be waived.

Although insurance cover is not compulsory Oxfordshire County Council would recommend that the organisers effect cover in the event that they are held legally liable to pay compensation if an accident occurs or third party property is damaged.

To submit an application for a temporary road closure please complete the online form (right).  If we are unable to progress your enquiry, due to our limited powers, it would be forwarded to Oxfordshire County Council who would be able to advise whether a road closure was appropriate and possible.

Oxfordshire County Council has further information on current road closures. Please use the link on the right.

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