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Licence - alcohol and entertainment - personal

A personal licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 allows the holder to sell and authorise the sale of alcohol in England and Wales. It only applies to the retail sale of alcohol.

Personal Licence Holders

Until 1 April 2015, all personal licences issued under Section 117 of the Licensing Act 2003 were issued for a 10 year period and would require renewing at the end of that period.  From 1 April 2015, the requirement to renew your personal licence has been abolished.  Therefore, personal licences will remain valid unless surrendered, suspended, revoked or declared forfeit by the courts.  The requirement to renew a personal licence was removed from the Licensing Act 2003 by the Deregulation Act 2015.  While personal licences issued before the 2015 Act have expiry dates, these licences will remain valid and such dates no longer have an effect.

What the service is for:

The licence is for use at a location where a premises licence or a temporary event notice is in force.

All sales of alcohol must be made by, or under the authority of, a personal licence holder. (Not everyone who makes a sale has to hold a personal licence, so long as a personal licence holder has authorised the sale).

You can have as many personal licence holders on the premises as you wish, but need only to nominate one as the designated premises supervisor (DPS).

A personal licence is held by the individual not by the premises so you must apply for your personal licence and make any subsequent changes to it through the council where you live.

You do not need to apply for a personal licence if the venue is a club premises or you are operating under a temporary event notice (TEN). You may however wish to become a personal licence holder so that you can apply for more than five TENs per year.

Remember - If you apply for a premises licence that includes the consent to sell alcohol you must nominate a designated premises supervisor (DPS) this person must hold a personal licence.

In order to obtain a personal licence you will need to make an application along with payment of the application fee.

How you can access the service:

We only issue personal licences to persons normally resident within the district.

Details required:

Applicants must:

  • be over 18 and
  • be normally resident within district.

and must send:

  • a completed "Application for a personal licence" form
  • a completed "Disclosure of convictions and declaration" form
  • an original criminal conviction certificate dated within one month of your application
  • an original certificate of a licensing qualification accredited by the Secretary of State
  • two photographs, one of which must be endorsed as a true likeness, and
  • £37.00 (cheques payable to Cherwell District Council).

How long will it take?: 

On completion of all paperwork, and where appropriate the consultation periods are complete, we aim to issue all licences within 10 working days.

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