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Our aim is to prevent homelessness by providing help, support, advice and assistance.

We are responsible for:

  • advice and assistance to prevent homelessness
  • investigating claims of homelessness and determining our responsibility 
  • advice and support to help you stay in your present home or move you into alternative accommodation
  • supporting homeless applicants in temporary accommodation and assisting them into more settled accommodation.

If you are likely to become homeless in the next 28 days you should contact us to make an appointment with a Housing Options Officer.

Documentary proof will be requested. This can include proof of: 

  • address
  • children
  • right to remain in this country
  • pregnancy
  • local connection with the district
  • threat of legal proceedings.

This list is not exhaustive. We will only request relevant documentation.

If we carry out a full homeless investigation we aim to arrive at a decision within 33 working days.

To the right there are links to other organisations you can contact for advice, including Shelter

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