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Local land charges official searches

We provide a local land charges official search service providing specialised knowledge and expertise to ensure an accurate and efficient service.

How the service operates

You can now submit your official search online direct to local land charges and payment is made either by card or on account and then an invoice will be issued. Online land charges search application

You supply your search address, request an LLC1, CON29R, CON290 or any combination and then upload your own plan. The completed search will then be returned to you via email.

Your completed search consists of:

  • our computer system generated LLC1
  • schedule of charges
  • CON29 responses and
  • any associated documents such as plan extracts.

Please be aware that we cannot reproduce the LLC1 and CON29 forms as this is a breach of copyright.

The implementation of VAT on the CON29 element of searches which was meant to coincide with the launch of the new CON29 forms on 4th July 2016 has been deferred again.

For further information see our online ordering guide under downloads on the right.

Usually individuals will instruct a solicitor to request an official search, but as long as the correct forms (contact any legal form stationer or you can use our online ordering services) and a plan of the property are provided, anyone can request an official search.

The purpose of the local authority search is to notify purchasers of any restrictions or constraints that control the manner in which you may use or develop a property and it will notify you of notices and orders relevant to the property.

The local search is split into three sections:

  • LLC1 that provides local land charge register entries
  • CON29R that provides responses to standard predetermined questions concerning planning, building control, housing, highway and traffic schemes and environmental issues
  • CON29O that has predetermined but 'optional' questions should you wish to ask them.

Fee list effective 4th July 2016

LLC1 + CON29R (full search)£128
CON29R only (No LLC1)£98
LLC1 only (Search of the register) £30
CON29O (Optional enquiries) 4-21£10 each
CON29O Question 22£30
Part 3 Own worded enquiries£20
Personal searchFree
LLC1 official search in one part of register£2
Additional Parcel CON29R£18
Additional Parcel Q22£1
Additional Parcel LLC1 & CON29R£20

Copy Documents

Building Regulations - Telephone 01295 227006 or email
Planning decisions - Applications from 1995 can be found on this website. Prior to 1995 email
Planning Legal Agreements - Telephone 01295 221596 or email
All other agreements and copy documents please refer to Land Charges in the first instance. Telephone 01295 221596.

If ordering online you can pay by either:

  • credit/debit card. (Please note that credit card purchases incur a 1.3% surcharge).
  • pay on account and you will receive an invoice.

 If you are submitting by post or document exchange please make your cheque payable to Cherwell District Council, ensuring you include the official forms as appropriate (LLC1, CON29R, CON290 and a plan)

How long will it take

We aim to complete all standard searches (LLC1 + CON29R) in approximately 10 working days. Non-standard searches those including the CON29O form, multiple or additional enquiries or complex sites may take longer, but we still aim to complete all searches within 10 working days.

Indemnity Insurance

We carry indemnity insurance which covers search reports completed by us and we are liable for any negligent or incorrect entry in the records searched, any negligent or incorrect interpretation of these records and any negligent or incorrect recording of that interpretation in the search report.

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