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Clinical waste

What the service is for:

The council offers a free collection service of clinical waste for residents who have a medical condition. We collect the following:

  • incontinence pads
  • colostomy waste
  • dialysis waste
  • soiled dressings

We will provide the customer with yellow sacks to store this type of waste in.

A simple form must be filled out in order to set up a clinical waste collection, please contact customer service.

We do not collect any sharp instruments (i.e. needles and syringes). Please contact your doctor or health worker who will provide you with a 'sharps container' and advice on how to dispose of this.

How long will it take?

Usually within 10 working days but it is reliant upon the customer returning the form to this office as soon as possible. Once the form has been received the customer will be notified of the collection day and procedure.

Collection and disposal of clinical waste as identified by central government in Safe Disposal of Clinical Waste (Health Services Advisory Committee 1999).

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