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Reduce, reuse and recycle


Before re-using or recycling, there are many ways to reduce the amount of waste you create.

Love Food Hate WasteImage depicting Love Food Hate Waste
Love Food Hate Waste

Reducing the amount of food we buy, practicing portion control and using leftovers is easy to do, helps reduce waste and could save £50 per month.
Follow these tips to start loving food and hating waste

- Go for loose vegetables rather than pre-packed wherever possible
- Leave the plastic packaging at the shop if you don't need it
- Save leftovers for another meal and freeze excess veg - even mash can be frozen
- If you do end up with waste, you can put all cooked and uncooked food in the brown bin, even if you don't have garden waste
- Compost vegetable peelings at home in your very own compost bin

A baby in disposables will need about 4,500 nappy changes in total, all going into your green bin. Or, just 24 Real nappies hanging on your washing line!
You can kit your baby out with all the nappies they need from the high street. Recent research shows that parents can save anything from £150 to over £1,000 over the lifetime of using nappies, depending on their choice of nappies. Click the link above for more information and a free trial!


There are lots of ways you can reuse unwanted items. Local reuse organisations with pick up furniture and other items from your house. Visit our bulky waste page for more information.
Alternatively, you could try and online reuse network, both Freecycle and Freegle have local networks, where your items could be reused by someone who needs them locally. Likewise, you can get some household items for free yourself. Just click here to find out more!

Love your clothesImage depicting Love your clothes
Love your clothes

Re-vamp your existing wardrobe and save! Follow the link for more information of how to reuse and upcycle your old clothes.

Reasons to recycle - save money and the environment.

Disposing of waste, instead of recycling is becoming increasingly expensive. These costs are paid for by the council taxpayer. By recycling and composting, council tax is kept low. Recycling and composting saves money.

Over 80% of your household waste can be recycled, either in your blue or brown bin or at our recycling sites. By recycling as much as possible, not only do we keep costs down and can put income back into services but we can ensure valuable resources are not wasted needlessly.

Why recycling is the better option

  • Recycling aluminium cans uses just 5% of the energy needed to make them from raw materials.
  • A newspaper can be recycled and back in your hand as another newspaper in just seven days.
  • Producing recycled paper uses 28-70% less energy than making virgin paper, and uses less water too.
  • The energy saved by recycling just one glass bottle can power a television set for 1.5 hours.

If you want to ask questions on any aspect of the recycling scheme please contact waste and recycling.

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