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Compost at home

Home composting your garden and kitchen waste is a simple way to reduce what we send to landfill and make a great soil conditioner for your garden.

About 25% of domestic waste is made up of organic kitchen or garden waste, and every year approximately 5 million tonnes of this material is dumped in landfill. Apart from taking up space, this also leads to the production of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which can contribute to climate change, and can cause water pollution.

What can be home composted?

'Greens'Image depicting Compost at home
Compost at home

  • Grass cuttings
  • Vegetable peelings
  • Fruit scraps
  • Tea bags
  • Old flowers
  • Spent bedding plants
  • Young annual weeds


  • Garden prunings
  • Dry leaves, twigs and hedge clippings
  • Straw and hay
  • Bedding from pets, provided they do not eat meat
  • Newspaper (scrunched up)
  • Cereal and egg boxes (ripped up)
  • Egg shells (crushed)

What cannot be home composted?

  • Meat and fish remains (these can be put into your brown food and garden waste bin)
  • Cat/dog faeces
  • Cooked food  (these can be put into your brown food and garden waste bin)
  • Dust
  • Problem weeds (couch grass, ground elder etc)
  • General household waste

Please note: home composting is not to be confused with the brown bin mixed food and garden waste service. 

How you can access the service:

We do not provide home composters. However, there is currently an offer open to Oxfordshire residents where you can get a home composter for a discounted price by visiting the link to the right - Get composting.


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