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Food and garden waste - brown bins

You can now order your  Compostable liners online, inc free delivery direct to your door!

Image depicting Brown bin and caddy
Brown bin and caddy
What goes in the brown bin:

  • food waste cooked and uncooked                      
  • prunings - branches up to 2cm in diameter
  • pet straw and sawdust
  • grass cuttings
  • plants and leaves

All food and garden waste is collected and taken to a local composting facility in Oxfordshire.

What stays out of the brown bin: 

  • plastic of any kind, including bin liners, plastic bags and cling film
  • animal waste
  • soil, bricks, rubble and ash
  • general household waste (including nappies)

Kitchen caddies

Residents can use a small kitchen caddy to collect all the leftover food, peelings and other food waste. All food waste, cooked and uncooked can go into the caddy, and you can use compostable liners or newspaper to line the caddy. Or you can put the food waste in loose. Once your caddy is full it can all go into the brown bin along with your garden waste

Lining your kitchen caddy

Food waste for recycling can be put into your caddy loose, wrapped in a couple of sheets of newspaper, see left, or in caddy liners with the code EN 13432 or the symbol below. These liners can be bought online, £3.00 for a roll of 40, and CDC will deliver direct to your door.

NEW SERVICE - You can now order Compostable liners online with free delivery.

  • Kidlington Link Point - Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington
  • Bicester Link Point - Franklins House, Wesley Lane, Bicester, OX26 6JU
  • Bodicote House - White Post Road, Bodicote

Please do not put the kitchen caddy out for collection.

If you need to order additional brown bins see 'Ordering additional bins' under 'See also' (right).
To replace a damaged kitchen caddy please call 01295 227003.

If you have a home compost bin, some of your kitchen waste can be home composted instead of going in to brown bin. Look under 'see also' to the right to find out how you can start composting at home.

What happens to my food and garden waste?

The mixed food and garden waste is taken to an in-vessel composting plant at Ardley. It is then placed into an enclosed unit, shredded and put into special tunnels where air circulation, temperature and moisture can be controlled to break down the food and garden waste into compost.
Once composted, it is used as a soil conditioner on farmers' fields.

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