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Nuisance and noise

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What we do with your feedback

We investigate complaints alleging excessive noise or statutory nuisance arising from domestic or industrial sources.

These include nuisance from:

  • smoke emitted from premises
  • Report a bonfire
  • fumes and gases emitted from premises
  • dust
  • steam, smell or effluvia emitted from industrial premises
  • accumulations or deposits
  • high hedges
  • animals
  • barking dogs
  • lighting
  • insects.

We also deal with noise in the street arising from car alarms, buskers, vehicle alarms etc.

Details required

It is useful to have supporting evidence when you make your complaint. An incident diary compiled over a period of at least 10 days showing:

  • the times when the nuisance occurs
  • how long it goes on for
  • comments on the effect it has on you

will help to investigate your complaint. Incident diary sheets can be found in the download area to the right.

How long will it take

We aim to make an initial response to your complaint within 24 hrs of you contacting us and investigate your complaint fully within 8 weeks.

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