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Local plan development framework

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The proposed new Cherwell Local Plan (2006-2031) was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for formal Examination on 31st January 2014.

A timetable for preparing key planning policy documents is set out in the pdf Local Development Scheme May 2014 (376kb).

Other Plans

The Local Plan will in due course be supported by a Part 2 Local Plan which will contain detailed planning policies for considering planning applications and non-strategic site allocations. This was previously known as the Local Neighbourhoods DPD and Development Management DPD which has now been merged into a single DPD.

The District also has two existing Local Plans:
1. Adopted Cherwell Local Plan 1996
2. Non-Statutory Local Plan 2011

The saved policies of the adopted Cherwell Local Plan 1996 and Policy H2 (Upper Heyford) of the former Oxfordshire Structure Plan 2016 remain part of the statutory Development Plan.

Cherwell Local Plan 2006 - 2031 (Now submitted to Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government)

Non-Statutory Cherwell Plan 2011 (December 2004)

Adopted Local Plan 1996 (November 1996)

Local Neighbourhoods Development Plan Document (to be prepared)

Development Management Development Plan Document (to be prepared)

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