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Planning for householders

If you wish to make alterations to your home you need to consult with development control and major developments to establish if you require planning permission.

Planning permission is not required for certain types of development however the legislation is complicated and you should seek advice on whether permission is required.

You can make certain types of minor changes without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called permitted development rights.

If a property is a listed building or within a conservation area, listed building or conservation area consent for development may be required.

If planning permission is required, you must fill in the planning application form (1APP) and meet all of the planning application requirements (PAR).

We have a statutory responsibility to process planning applications and related matters in a speedy and efficient manner, in accordance with planning policies and the development plan for Cherwell district. This work needs to balance the needs of a growing community along with the general needs to protect the local environment and enhance the overall quality of life of those who live and work in the district.

Details required

Due to time and resource limitations, unfortunately we are currently not in a position to enter into individual correspondence relating to minor planning matters.

We encourage pre-application enquiries for more complex planning issues and large sites, as it will help to identify potential problems prior to a formal application being submitted and will help to speed up the decision making process.

To obtain pre-application advice: 

  • Include the full address of the property/site location plan (with the area of land marked in red)
  • Include a description of the proposal, with a rough sketch (including measurements) of the proposed development
  • Send the relevant information to Planning, Housing & Economy at Bodicote House

To apply for planning permission online:

  • Register with the planning portal (useful links on the right)
  • Drawings and payment can also be submitted via the portal
  • For more information on submitting a planning application online please visit the 'Make a Planning application' page via the link (right).

To apply for planning permission by post:

  • Please complete the relevant application form
  • Include scale plans and drawings
  • Include the appropriate fee. 

All of the relevant forms can be found on the 'Make a planning application' page which can be accessed using the link (right).

Viewing planning applications:

  • Click on the 'View/comment on a planning application' link (right)
  • You will need the application number or the property address.

How long will it take

General enquiries - 10 days
Pre-application advice - 15 working days
Standard planning application - 6 to 8 weeks
Major planning application - 13 weeks

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