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Planning approval is required for a wide range of development covering everything from large redevelopment schemes to small housing developments, changes of use of land and buildings, and residential extensions. The starting point for deciding whether a development proposal is acceptable is the Local Plan and the NPPF.

Our Planning Service covers Planning Policy (responsible for Local Plan policy) and Development Management (responsible for processing applications, pre-application enquiries and planning enforcement). It also includes Design and Conservation (responsible for Conservation Area Appraisals and providing specialist advice in the planning process).

Links to the various functions of the Planning Service, and to more detailed guidance on some of the most common aspects of the planning process, are provided at the top of this page and below. We also provide a Duty Officer Service between the hours of 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday. The Duty Officer can provide general planning advice, but cannot answer site-specific queries or confirm whether your proposal would need planning permission.

If you are unfamiliar with the planning process and are unsure where to find the answer to your query, we have produced a guide to accessing the Planning Service which is available to the right.

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