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Conservation advice

The prime concern of owners of buildings in conservation areas should be to repair and maintain their properties without damage to their character and integrity.

Repairs should be considered as the preferred option with replacement of features only where justified. Historically correct solutions should be adopted, using appropriate design, materials and methods to match the original.

Conservation area legislation helps to ensure that the natural process of renewal and change in urban and rural areas is managed, to preserve and enhance the best of the past and allow for sympathetic new development.

General planning standards are applied sensitively in the interest of harmonising new development with its neighbours in the conservation area. We look very carefully at the design of new developments and have policies in the local plan which seek to control changes in conservation areas.

Where planning permission or conservation area consent is required, proposals are advertised on site and in the local press to allow for your comments. 

How you can access the service:

Please call the Design and Conservation team within planning policy.

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