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Conservation areas and appraisals

A conservation area is defined as an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

Cherwell has a high quality environment with 60 conservation areas throughout the district. Many are comprised of the historic core of our northern ironstone and thatch or southern limestone and stone slate villages. The centres of Banbury, Bicester, and the historic parts of Kidlington are also designated, as is the length of the Oxford Canal within the Cherwell and South Northants Districts. A conservation area is defined as "an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance."

English Heritage advises us to maintain up to date conservation area appraisals and we are required to review the designations "from time to time". Appraisals set out the character of the area and indicate opportunities to preserve or enhance that character. All appraisals undergo public consultation so we can incorporate the views of people living and working in these areas

In addition to the Statutorily Listed Buildings (grade l, ll* and ll), which are listed by English Heritage, Government policy guidance advises us to draw up a list of buildings of Local Interest. We identify these though our conservation area appraisal process. If a building is identified on the Local List as an "undesignated heritage asset", we are required to have regard to this when determining planning applications that would affect it. It does not mean that the owner has to apply for listed building consent to undertake works.

Here is a list of the current conservation areas in the district and the latest appraisal. It will also show when a review or new appraisal will be taking place.

Please click on the following locations to see the conservation area:

Conservation areaDate of designationLatest appraisal dateAppraisal documentMap
Adderbury    April 1975

April 2012

pdf Adderbury conservation area appraisal (4.7Mb)Adderbury
ArdleyAugust 2005August 2005pdf Ardley (1.6Mb)Ardley
BalscoteApril 1980March 1998pdf Balscote (3.3Mb)Balscote
Banbury1969October 2004pdf Banbury part 1 (4.1Mb)
pdf Banbury part 2 (4.7Mb)
Banbury GrimsburyJanuary 2007.pdf Banbury Grimsbury (4.6Mb)Banbury Grimsbury
Barford St John

December 2013

Draft availablepdf Barfords Conservation Area Appraisal (4.0Mb)Barford St John
Barford St MichaelDecember 2013Draft availablepdf Barfords Conservation Area Appraisal (4.0Mb)Barford St Michael
BegbrokeJuly 1991June 2008pdf Begbroke (3.8Mb)Begbroke
Bicester1969August 2011

pdf Bicester (4.6Mb)
pdf Bicester high res part 1 (3.1Mb)
pdf Bicester high res part 2 (2.0Mb)

BletchingdonApril 2008July 2008pdf Bletchingdon (5.1Mb)Bletchingdon
BloxhamApril 1975May 2007pdf Bloxham (9.1Mb)Bloxham
BodicoteMarch 1988April 2008pdf Bodicote (3.8Mb)Bodicote
Charlton-on-OtmoorNovember 1989March 1996pdf Charlton on Otmoor (1.3Mb)Charlton on Otmoor
ChestertonMarch 1988January 2008pdf Chesterton (3.9Mb)Chesterton
CottisfordNovember 1980May 2009pdf Cottisford (3.4Mb)Cottisford
CropredyFebruary 1978

February 2014

pdf Cropredy Conservation Area Appraisal (4.0Mb)

DeddingtonMarch 1988April 2012pdf Deddington conservation area appraisal (3.8Mb)Deddington
DraytonFebruary 1977October 2008pdf Drayton (4.7Mb)Drayton
Duns TewDecember 2005.pdf Duns Tew (1.9Mb)Duns Tew
FewcottOctober 2008.pdf Fewcott (3.1Mb)Fewcott
FritwellMarch 1988January 2008pdf Fritwell (7.0Mb)Fritwell
Hampton Gay, Shipton on Cherwell & ThruppOctober 1975August 2007pdf Hampton Gay, Shipton on Cherwell and Thrupp (4.1Mb)Hampton Gay, Shipton on Cherwell and Thrupp
Hampton PoyleMay 1991March 2016pdf Hampton Poyle Conservation Area Appraisal (3.6Mb)Hampton Poyle
HanwellJanuary 1985August 2007pdf Hanwell (3.3Mb)Hanwell
HetheMarch 1988Reviewed July 1993pdf Hethe (117kb)Hethe
Hook NortonMarch 1988May 2007pdf Hook Norton (10.0Mb)Hook Norton
HorleyJanuary 1987March 1996pdf Horley (1.0Mb)Horley
HorntonMarch 1988April 2013pdf Hornton (3.2Mb)Hornton
IslipNovember 1989April 2008pdf Islip (4.8Mb)Islip
Juniper HillNovember 2008March 2009pdf Juniper Hill (3.5Mb)Juniper Hill

Church Street
High Street
The Rookery
Crown Road
Langford Lane Wharf

May 1991
May 1991
May 2009
May 2009

May 2009pdf Kidlington part 1 (4.5Mb)
pdf Kidlington part 2 (4.5Mb)
Kidlington Church Street
Kidlington High Street
Kidlington The Rookery
Kidlington Crown Road
Kidlington Langford Lane Wharf
Kirtlington March 1988September 2011pdf Kirtlington - low res (4.2Mb)
pdf Kirtlington - high res part 1 (4.6Mb)
pdf Kirtlington - high res part 2 (3.6Mb)
MiltonMarch 1988March 1996pdf Milton (118kb)Milton
MixburyMarch 1988January 2016

pdf Mixbury (118kb)
pdf Mixbury Conservation Area Appraisal (Draft) January 2016 (3.8Mb)


May 2010

May 2010pdf Mollington Conservation Area Appraisal (4.8Mb)Mollington
North AstonMarch 1988..

pdf North Aston (137kb)

pdf North Aston Conservation Area Appraisal Final Draft (4.0Mb)

North Aston
North Newington

May 1989

April 2013

May 2014

pdf North Newington (134kb)

pdf North Newington Conservation Area Appraisal (2.4Mb)

North Newington
Oxford Canal

October 2012

October 2012

pdf Oxford Canal CA pages 1-40 (3.8Mb)

pdf Oxford Canal CA pages 41-80 (4.5Mb)

pdf Oxford Canal CA pages 81-115 (2.7Mb)

Oxford Canal
RAF BicesterJuly 2002November 2008pdf RAF Bicester (4.8Mb)RAF Bicester
RAF Upper HeyfordApril 2006April 2006pdf RAF Upper Heyford (5.7Mb)RAF Upper Heyford
Rousham (includes Lower and Upper Heyford)July 1991May 1996pdf Rousham (503kb)Rousham (includes Lower and Upper Heyford)
Shenington with AlkertonFebruary 2009..

pdf Shenington and Alkerton part 1 (4.8Mb)
pdf Shenington and Alkerton part 2 (4.8Mb)

Sibford FerrisNovember 1985April 2012

pdf Sibford Ferris, Sibford Gower and Burdrop conservation area appraisal (4.3Mb)

Sibford Ferris
Sibford Gower and BurdropJanuary 2008April 2012pdf Sibford Ferris, Sibford Gower and Burdrop conservation area appraisal (4.3Mb)Sibford Gower and Burdrop
SomertonOctober 1992March 1996pdf Somerton (1.5Mb)Somerton
SouldernMarch 1988March 2016pdf Souldern Conservation Area Appraisal (3.1Mb)Souldern
South Newington

April 1989

February 2014

pdf South Newington (141kb)

pdf South Newington Conservation Area Appraisal (2.9Mb)

Link to South Newington conservation area map
Steeple AstonMarch 1988April 2014

pdf Steeple Aston Conservation Area Appraisal (3.2Mb)

Steeple Aston
Stratton AudleyMarch 1988July 1996pdf Stratton Audley (1.2Mb)Stratton Audley
SwalcliffeMarch 1988.pdf Swalcliffe (136kb)Swalcliffe
TadmartonOctober 1992November 1995pdf Tadmarton (905kb)Tadmarton
WardingtonMarch 1988September 2010pdf Wardington (4.1Mb)Wardington
Weston on the GreenOctober 2000July 2009pdf Weston on the Green (4.9Mb)Weston on the Green
WiggintonMarch 1988.pdf Wigginton (134kb)Wigginton
WilliamscotOctober 1992November 1995pdf Williamscot (118kb)Williamscot
WroxtonSeptember 1977November 1996pdf Wroxton (4.4Mb)Wroxton
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