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Demolition control and advice

Owners wishing to demolish a building must give us notice.

What the service is for

If you wish to demolish a building you must apply, in writing, 6 weeks prior to the intended commencement date.

You should include an accurate site address, site location plan and a suitable method statement showing how you intend to carry out the demolition in a safe manner.

Once we have satisfied ourselves that the demolition can be carried out safely, we will issue a Demolition Notice which may include conditions specifying time limits and/or actions that the contractor must ensure are carried out e.g. sealing of redundant drains.

We also inform other bodies such as the health and safety executive, the local fire service, service undertakers e.g. gas companies etc.

We may carry out inspection of the demolition works to ensure that they are being carried out in a suitable manner. No fee is required for a demolition notice.

Applicants should note that issue of a demolition notice does not exempt them from complying with UK legislation with regards to protected species which may be on site or within the building. Several species within the UK are protected by law for which the disturbance of either the species itself or their habitat/resting places constitutes a criminal offence and for which ignorance of the law is not considered a defence. In particular with regard to buildings those protected include all species of bat at any time and all birds during the nesting season. If you are aware or suspect protected species may be affected by your proposals please contact the District Council Ecologist or Natural England for further advice.

Details required

Site address, site location plan, method statement.

How long will it take?

We aim to provide a Demolition Notice within 10 working days.

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