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Licence dog breeding

If you breed dogs for commercial purposes you will require a licence issued by the local authority. A breeding establishment for dogs is defined as "Any premises which carries on a business of breeding dogs for sale". Your application will need to consider whether planning permission is required for the proposed licensed activity.

The legislation is complex and should you require further details as to whether or not you need a licence please contact us using the details (right).

How much does it cost?

The registration fees normally change annually so for this year's fee please view the fee information in the online application form.  Please note that the fee set out on the licence application form does not include the veterinary inspection costs, which will be added to the licence fee.  Details of the approximate total fee will be given once the application form is submitted.

When is this licence required?

Persons who breed dogs and produce 5 or more litters per year must be licensed.  Please note that a licence is not required for breeding other animals.

How can I apply?

You can apply by:

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