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Job clubs Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington

Find out more on Banbury,Bicester and Kidlington job clubs

Oxfordshire County Council - Education and Learning

Education and Learning are services which are provided by Oxfordshire County Council.
more on Education and Learning

Oxfordshire County Council - Leisure and Culture

Oxfordshire County Council provides information and advice on culture and leisure issues.
more on Leisure and Culture

Oxfordshire County Council - Libraries Services

Library services are provided by Oxfordshire County Council.
more on Libraries

Oxfordshire County Council - Renewing a Library Book

You are able to renew library items online up to three times without bringing them to the library provided no one else has requested them.
more on renewing a library book

Oxfordshire County Council - School Admissions

School Admissions in Oxfordshire are controlled by Oxfordshire County Council.
more on school admissions

Oxfordshire County Council - School Term Information

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for publishing the school term dates and holiday information.
more on school term and holiday dates

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