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Annual canvass

The annual canvass begins in August 2016

We are currently writing to every household in the district to confirm who lives there, as part of our annual update of the Electoral Register.

The Household Enquiry Form will be addressed to the occupier and will include the details of each person we currently have listed at the property.

Our team of door-knocking canvassers will be going out from Friday 28 October to Friday 25 November, visiting households that have not yet returned a form. The canvassers will have photo ID and be wearing high visibility vests. They will also have a telephone number that you can call to check their identity, if you are worried about who is knocking your door.

The canvassers will visit twice, if you're not in the second time they will post a form through the door for you to complete.

If any details have changed, such as a surname due to marriage, civil partnership or divorce, or someone has moved into the property, you can make these changes via the online system at alternatively amend the form and return it to us in the envelope provided.

If nothing has changed you can use the telephone, text message or online system to confirm this calling 0800 197 9871, texting 80212; or visiting Your form will have a security code printed on it unique to your address; you will need to input this code so that we update the correct property.

Forms were sent out in late August 2016. Any household who hadn't responded to the initial form by 15 September will have received a reminder.

If we received your completed form before Wednesday 26 October you shouldn't get a visit from a canvasser. We will update the canvassers daily on forms we have received in the office, however sometimes this information may cross-over, meaning you get a visit after we have received your form.

If when you responded to the initial form you added new people to your property, they will now have received a form addressed specifically to them which asks for their National Insurance number and date of birth. This is the second part of the registration process, and this form must be returned to complete the registration. Alternatively you can complete an online registration by visiting

Although you can choose not to vote in the UK, it is a legal requirement to be on the electoral register. If you don't register, you could be fined £1000.

During this annual update of the register, no monthly updates are published or sent to the credit reference agencies, the next update will be 1 December 2016 when the new register is published.

Frequently Asked Questions

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