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There are 48 councillors representing 16 Wards.  They decide how the council should carry out its many functions.  Each of the councillors is elected for a four year term.  A third of council members are up for election each year with a county council election every fourth year.  There are currently 38 Conservative councillors, 8 Labour councillors, and 2 Independent councillors.


Please contact your local councillor(s) for information about whether they hold surgeries for local residents.  Details of your councillors can be found by following the link below:

Your councillors

You can also find your councillor by searching on your address on the following link: Your Cherwell

Council meetings

You can view details of meetings due to take place, or which have been held recently.  Meetings of the full council and executive are also available as webcasts - live transmissions of proceedings that you can watch from home on through your PC.  These webcasts are available for up to six months after the meeting has occurred.

Watch a council meeting

Calendar of meetings

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