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Consultation information

We are committed to listening and learning from local people, community groups and businesses.

Consultation allows members of the public to be involved in planning, prioritising and improvement of services.

Better broadband for Oxfordshire - have your say

It makes an important contribution by: 

  • Testing new options for service changes
  • Understanding what people want and need
  • Improving the delivery of services
  • Tracking resident and user satisfaction
  • Finding out public views on conflicting priorities, key choices and resource decisions
  • Supporting bids for resources or partnership funding
  • Identify issues within the district that we need to address
  • Getting feedback on our performance.

We have several ways of listening to the views of local people:

  • Consultation is carried out throughout the year.  Have your say by accessing our online consultation system link on the right 
  • Local people are asked for their views in our annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Many of our services ask for feedback from their users
  • Service users can use the 'how do you rate our services' feedback buttons on our website
  • On the 17th day each month all callers to our customer service centre are asked 'are you satisfied with the service you just received'
  • You can have your say through the complaints and comments procedure (under "see also" to the left)
  • Also you can take part in our equality and access to services advisory panel.
  • We also organise regular meetings of Faith forum.

For more information about our approach to consultation please get in touch with the corporate performance team.

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