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Equality and diversity

We ensure that equality and diversity is considered at all times both in employment policy and in the provision of services.

Delivering on equality and diversity is a high priority. As a council, we have a key stake in responding to the needs and requirements of the citizens of Cherwell.  We

  • place great emphasis on the principle of placing communities at the heart of service provision
  • are committed to achieving equality of opportunity as an employer of people, provider and purchaser of services, educator, partner and community leader
  • place considerable emphasis on understanding, acceptance and appreciation of individual differences.

"Our vision is working to ensure equality, access and fairness in all we do." Sue Smith, Chief Executive.

The pages below will provide you with an insight into the work and ongoing activities that assist the council in delivering on its equality and diversity agenda.

Our equality scheme
How we will tackle unlawful discrimination, promote equality and encourage good relations between people in all aspects of our day to day business

Our equality impact assessments
How we improve the work of the council to make sure that it does not discriminate in the way we provide our services 

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