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Crime reduction

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Providing advice and information on reducing the risk and fear of crime. Advising individuals and businesses on how to protect themselves and their property.

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Individuals' awareness of crime reduction will depend upon their perception of the risk that they face. A person who is fearful of being a victim of crime whilst in the home will be different to those who fear they may be a victim whilst out socialising.

So how do you assess the risk and what action should you take?

Free advice is available from your local police station. The Crime Reduction Officer for the district is based at Banbury Police Station and can be contacted on 101.

For advice about personal safety try visiting the following websites (see "Useful Links" - right):

  • The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the leading authority on personal safety
  • Crime reduction from the Thames Valley Police website
  • For advice about safety in the home there is a national body that has been set up to provide a community-based scheme to prevent crime, called Neighbourhood Watch.

For crime reduction tips please follow the link under "see also" (right) or download a copy from "downloads".


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