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Community safety

How we help to make Cherwell a safer place to live, work and visit.

Crime in Cherwell is falling; we have the lowest recorded rates of crime for more than a decade. Here in Cherwell we are living in a very safe district where the chance of being a victim of crime is very small.  Latest figures for the district show a reduction in violent crime of 18%, reduction in burglary of 19% and an all crime reduction of 5.67% compared with 2012. This means we have been in a state of continuous reduction since 2006.

The Cherwell Safety Communities Partnership report 2010-11 and rolling plan for 2011-13 will provide the platform for our Safer Communities team and our partners to deliver the priority pledges we have made to achieve the Cherwell vision of:

  • A safe and healthy Cherwell
  • Improving Community safety and reducing the drugs problem
  • Making Cherwell a safer place to live

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

If you need more information or wish to report suspected child sexual exploitation (CSE), please see

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