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Voluntary and community organisations

We recognise and value the benefits that voluntary and community organisations bring to local people, and we provide these organisations with appropriate support - within our limited resources.

How voluntary and community organisations contribute to Cherwell

The collaboration of voluntary and community organisations is essential to the achievement of the Cherwell Sustainable Community Strategy, Our District, Our Future. Through their delivery of key services, voluntary and community organisations are also important for the achievement of our own Annual Review and Performance Plan - and associated service plans. Forms of support should therefore be driven by these two plans.


We are keen to grow and develop this relationship.  We invite local organisations to the voluntary and community organisations forum.  Organisations are also invited to the environmental and countryside forums.  The agendas are managed jointly between ourselves and the representatives of the voluntary sector.  We provide this forum for organisations and groups to network with each other and discuss common challenges.

Voluntary Organisations Resource sharing forum

Policy development, liaison and consultation

We value the perspective the voluntary sector can bring to assessing service performance and policies, and undertakes to integrate their involvement into 'overview and scrutiny' processes.

Regular meetings of the voluntary organisations, countryside and environmental forums will take place to ensure the voluntary sector meet and are consulted on our own and local strategic partnership issues.

For more information contact the Community Development Officer (voluntary sector) using the link (right).

Further Information

We subscribe to GRANTnet to allow residents of the district free access. The service has been devised to assist community and voluntary groups, sports and other clubs, schools, social enterprises and small businesses in identifying funding sources available for specific projects.

Please see the link located to the right.  Once you have registered with GRANTnet, you will be e-mailed a password which will allow you to gain access. Having logged into the system, you must answer a few simple questions about your organisation and the project which you wish to undertake; GRANTnet will then provide an overview of all the schemes available.

For further information about previous grants paid, please go to Voluntary and community grants paid during the past three years.

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