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Community association grants

Providing financial assistance to community organisations to provide activities and service within the local neighbourhood.

We recognise and value the contribution that community associations make to their local communities and try to provide these organisations with appropriate support within our limited resources.

We also acknowledge the varying levels of support that new community associations need in their management, facilities and community development. Such provisions are often costly and require considerable commitment by committees and individuals to raise necessary funds in order to maintain an association's existence. Associations can apply for a grant of up to £750 in any one year.

Criteria for grant aid will be based on:

  • Support to newly-formed Neighbourhood Community Associations to help them become established within the local community
  • Support to the work of Associations in their development and increasing local participation in neighbourhood activity.
  • Enhancing community centre facilities
  • Grants will be awarded in the form of a funding agreement linked to community development.

For further information contact the Community Development Office (Voluntary Sector) using the link (right).

Further information

We subscribe to GRANTnet to allow residents of the district free access. The service has been devised to assist community and voluntary groups, sports and other clubs, schools, social enterprises and small businesses in identifying funding sources available for specific projects.

Please see the link (right).  Once you have registered with GRANTnet, you will be emailed a password which will allow you to gain access. Having logged into the system, you must answer a few simple questions about your organisation and the project you wish to undertake. GRANTnet will then provide an overview of all the schemes available.

For further information on grants already paid please go to What voluntary and community grants have been paid.

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