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New jobs for Langford Locks Business Park

Up to 62 jobs could be created in Kidlington after Cherwell District Council (CDC) granted planning permission for 14 light industrial units on the Langford Locks Business Park.

On Thursday, 31 August, Cherwell's planning committee granted permission for the two storey 1,500m2 building.

Cllr David Hughes, chairman of Cherwell's planning committee said: "Langford Locks has some household name employers and is a vibrant hub of commerce.

"Surrounded by large industrial units, this development is a type of unit that isn't currently available in Kidlington, it could be an ideal space to expand for businesses hemmed in by the cost of city employment space."

The site currently has temporary permission to be used as a storage area and it will be the last plot of land in the vicinity to be developed.

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