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Form drop begins for annual canvass

Forms will start landing on the doorsteps of 65,226 properties in Cherwell from this week as the electoral registration canvass gets under way.

Cherwell District Council is writing to every household in the area asking eligible voters to confirm or update their details on the electoral register.

Residents can confirm their details by using the designated text and phone numbers, by going online or by returning the signed document using the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Yvonne Rees, returning officer for Cherwell, said: "Updating your electoral register details can be done in a matter of minutes, probably the time it would take you to make a cup of tea!

"And not only does it mean you will be eligible to vote but it also helps with your credit rating. It's a win-win situation."

The forms will be posted from Tuesday, 29 August to every property in the district. Residents of new build homes may find they do not receive the information automatically and will therefore need to manually request the forms by contacting Cherwell directly.

The forms will list the eligible voters in the household. If the information is correct then residents need only confirm this. If any information has changed, residents will need to remove or update the details on the document and return it to the council in the self-addressed envelope which is enclosed. It is a legal requirement for residents to respond.

Anyone who has not received a form by Thursday, 7 September should contact Cherwell District Council by emailing or by calling 01295 227005 to request a form to be sent out manually.

If nothing has changed you can use the telephone, text message or online system to confirm this by calling 0800 197 9871, texting 80212; or visiting Your form will have a security code printed on it unique to your address; you will need to input this code so that we update the correct property.

Forms were sent out in late August 2017. Any household who hasn't responded to the initial form by 17 September will receive a reminder.

If when you respond to the initial form you add new people to your property, they will receive a form addressed specifically to them which asks for their National Insurance number and date of birth. This is the second part of the registration process, and this form must be returned to complete the registration. Alternatively you can complete an online registration by visiting

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