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Green light on Cherwell's third quarter performance

Despite continuing reductions in government funding and a rising population putting more pressure on services, Cherwell is aiming to finish the financial year on a high.

A meeting of the council's executive on Monday, 6 March approved a report into Cherwell District Council's performance for the third quarter of the financial year 2016 to 2017, which shows that it is meeting or exceeding over 75 per cent of its targets.

Among the best achievements of this quarter is the retention of Banbury's longest established major employers, which helped safeguard jobs and create new positions. Norbar Ltd and Karcher Ltd both moved in new premises and, thanks to their expansion, Norbar has recruited an extra 36 staff and Karcher has recruited 11.

Cllr Barry Wood, leader of the council, said: "At a time when we see constant funding reductions from central government and more pressure on our services and facilities, it is our good business practice that allows us to continue to deliver high quality services to our residents.

"I am particularly proud of the work we have done on the relocation and expansion of two major employers in Banbury, as we prevented job losses in the community and helped create even more work. We want Banbury to remain a key business location for many years to come."

The council is also achieving its target of keep the district cleaner and greener. The blitz events have been very popular and many residents booked the disposal of bulky waste during these events. Street cleansing has received numerous compliments from residents and the number of fly-tips has significantly dropped as a result of the council's campaigns and enforcement actions.

The council has excelled at securing affordable housing for the community. The annual target of 190 new homes delivered had already been achieved by the end of the third quarter, thanks to the successful relationship that the council has fostered with developers, planners and registered providers.

Cherwell uses a 'traffic light' system to assess its performance over the year. Green represents a target fully met or exceeded, amber within ten per cent of the target set or slightly behind schedule, and red more than ten per cent away from target or significantly off schedule.

Of the objectives in the council's business plan that have targets applied to them, 77 per cent merited a green light and 20 per cent are tracking just behind schedule. Just three measures are tracking as red.

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