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Out of hours emergencies

The out of hours emergency service is provided to respond to serious environmental health related incidents such as deaths in the work place, food poisoning out breaks, major pollution incidents including noise events and is available to our partner emergency services when required.

The service is also used to gather evidence in certain noise nuisance cases.

Please telephone 01295 221531. An officer will be available to provide a first response to serious public health incidents.

The role of the officer in these cases is to appraise the incident and coordinate the deployment of specialist officers if required. In the evidence gathering role the emergency standby officer will attend certain noise nuisance cases and collect evidence of breaches of previously served abatement notices for subsequent use in the courts.

Customers will be advised by their anti social behaviour team case officer when the emergency standby service is being made available to them.

Where it is appropriate for the emergency standby officer to respond we aim to attend within 1 hour of the call being received.

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