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Community Governance Review

We are conducting a Community Governance Review. This is the process for a district council to make changes to parish areas, usually at the request of parishes.

We have to publish details of the areas that will be looked at during the review, called the pdf Terms of Reference (77kb).

The consultation period has now opened for the first stage of the review, regarding Upper Heyford. We have been asked to consider splitting the existing parish into two separate ones.

Every household in Upper Heyford will receive a copy of the pdf consultation document (3.0Mb), which explains what we have been asked to do, and what it would mean. Delivery of this document is starting today, Monday 16 January, and is likely to take until Friday 20 January.

If you have received your copy of the consultation document, you can reply online using a short Survey Monkey questionnaire

The consultation will close on Friday 17 March.

If you have any questions about the Terms of Reference, or the review process, please email the Democratic and Elections team at or telephone 01295 221534.

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