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Council tax

Council tax helps pay for local services like rubbish collection, policing and education. It applies to all domestic properties including, houses, bungalows, flats, maisonettes, mobile homes and houseboats whether owned or rented.

Whilst we have kept the Band D charge as £123.50 for the year for the 7th year running, The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley and Oxfordshire County Council have both opted for a rise in council tax of 1.99% each. A new precept to fund adult social care is also included in your bill. The precept has been set by Oxfordshire County Council. Any other change to your annual bill will be due to any changes in amounts that your parish or town council has approved.

We collect your council tax. It helps to meet the cost of local services and also to contribute towards the cost of police services, education, and other county council services.

On average, we keep less than 7.5% of your council tax bill to pay for the services they provide and 2016/17 is the seventh year without a rise for their proportion.

Every domestic property in Cherwell will have a council tax bill, whether it is owned, rented or empty.

The amount of council tax you pay is worked out based upon what council tax band your property is in, with property exemptionsdiscounts and council tax reduction also being available.

An annual bill is generally sent in mid March each year and runs from April 1 to March 31.

If you are responsible for paying council tax you must pay it but there are discounts, exemptions and council tax reduction available to those who are eligible.

Stringent checks will be made to ensure that residents and other parties affected do not falsely claim reductions they are not entitled to. Failing to declare your correct circumstances within 21 days of the change taking place or knowingly providing false information may result in a civil penalty of up to £280 being added to your council tax account.

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