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Business waste collection

Business waste and recycling

Why should I choose the council?

  • Our rates are VAT free
  • We are locally based with local knowledge
  • Our collections are flexible and regular - no need to ring and book
  • We help meet all your legal obligations
  • We do not have any extra or hidden charges
  • Competitive and reliable service

What is the cost for this service?

Business Rates do not cover the removal of waste from business premises. We have four sizes of bin for rubbish or recycling. Pre-paid sacks are available if you have no space for bins.

  Rubbish bins (green)

  Bin size

  Cost per collection

  240 litre (holds 3 bags)


  360 litre (holds 5 bags)


  660 litre (holds 9 bags)


  1100 litre (holds 14 bags)


  Recycling bins (blue)

  240 litre


  360 litre


  660 litre


  1100 litre



  Type of sack

  Cost for roll of 25

  Rubbish sacks (orange)


  Recycling sacks (blue)


If you need help to decide what bins or sacks are suitable, our business waste officer can arrange to visit you. Charges include administration, bin rental, collection, disposal and duty of care paperwork. Invoices are raised on a yearly basis.

What kind of waste will the Council collect?

We can collect rubbish and/or recycling. You must put the right things in the recycling bins and not make any bins too heavy for us to empty. We cannot collect liquids, plasterboard, asbestos or other types of hazardous waste. For safe removal of these items, please refer to private waste management firms.

We can recycle:

  • Paper (inc. shredded paper)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles
  • Drinks cartons
  • Tins & cans
  • Plastic pots, tubs & trays
  • Tin Foil & aerosols

How do I order bins or sacks?

Email us at or Phone us on 01295 221916

What is the law regarding business waste?

Businesses cannot just dump waste at the household tip or in household bins. You must use a suitably licensed contractor to get rid of your waste for you properly and safely. This contractor can be either the local council or a private waste collection company.

You also have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to keep your waste stored securely. Any waste that is collected from your premises must be covered by paperwork called a waste transfer note.  Find out more.

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