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Syrian refugees

We are receiving calls from residents asking how they can help the plight of Syrian refugees by donating, money, goods or providing housing.

As a number of charities and non-governmental organisations have opened appeals, we have selected a broad range, both locally and nationally, so you can find a suitable one.

However, there are many more charities and not-for-profit organisations also supporting the Syrian appeal and other humanitarian causes. We recommend that before donating you read about them to understand how your activities and donations will be used in support of their work.

Alternatively, you can call the Red Cross's dedicated phone line on 0800 107 8727 if you'd like to discuss what you can do to help.

Accommodation for refugees

As everyone is aware, we do not have surplus accommodation in the District, but we are making preparations so that we can provide emergency accommodation when needed.

In the meantime, we are awaiting further information from government about how the national resettlement scheme will work.

Any offers of accommodation from residents is being noted but the Home Office has indicated that, at this stage, there is no expectation that the Syrian scheme will require members of the public to offer rooms in their houses.  

If you have any queries regarding accommodation for refugees, please contact our housing team by

  • filling in the online form or
  • email -
  • phoning - 01295 227004.

Fostering a refugee child

If you would like to offer an unaccompanied refugee child foster care, you can find out more and register your interest by:

Donating money and/or goods locally

Asylum Welcome

Asylum Welcome is an Oxford-based charity that provides advice and education to refugees already in the country, visits detainees, promotes rights and runs events.

It is working with asylum seekers and refugees across Oxfordshire but mostly in Oxford. Financial donations are most welcome. They are also taking donations of unopened toiletries (including nappies) and tinned, bottled and packaged food. Please:

If you know of other local charitable organisations that we have not included, please send us contact details and we will get in touch with them.

Diocese of Oxford

The Diocese has published useful information on its website and this includes encouraging individuals and parishes to work through established agencies

Donating money through national appeals

Most charities say they prefer a financial donation so they can target aid to where it is needed. The list below is not exhaustive, but a sample of the many national appeals that have been launched; some have spelt out exactly what a specific donation could provide.

Below are some charities where you can offer help or donate goods

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