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The Community Trigger

Under the provisions of the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 victims of anti-social behaviour can use the Community Trigger to demand that action is taken if they feel that partnership agencies have not dealt effectively with their previous complaints.

To activate the community trigger three separate complaints of anti-social behaviour must have been made to any of the partnership agencies within the previous six months. This is known as the 'threshold.'

Third parties such as family, friends, relatives, councillors etc may use the community trigger on behalf of a victim but the victim must give them written permission to do so.

Requests to activate the community trigger must be made in writing to Cherwell District Councils' Anti-social Behaviour Team by letter or by Email to 

When we receive a request to activate the community trigger we will acknowledge the receipt of your request in writing within 48 hours of us receiving it.  The details provided will be carefully checked to establish whether the 'threshold' has been met.  We will advise you in writing of this decision within 7 days of your request being made.

If your request does not meet the threshold we will tell you why and set out for you a way forward giving advice on which agencies may be able to assist you further.

If your request meets the 'threshold' we will carry out a review of the work done by all partners in respect of your case. An action plan will be prepared which we will discuss with you prior to its delivery.  The findings of the review will be communicated to you in writing within 28 days of your request being made.

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