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Fundango - promoting movement play

Arts development aims: to raise awareness about movement play and its benefits for all ages, in particular in the early years. What we provide: training and support for the local network of movement play practitioners, parents, play workers and teachers via Fundango - promoting movement play.

What is movement play?

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Young children learn through moving. Babies move to find the breast. They find out where their body ends and the world begins by playing with their toes and fingers. They respond to their world by beginning to wiggle, roll, slither and crawl and this develops into purposeful, physical play.

In movement play each child's own movement stage is valued and encouraged through playful physical activities that engage the whole body.

Why is movement play important?

Children are born with undeveloped brains that have few neurological connections. The movement development in the first year of life is crucial. There is strong scientific evidence to show that movement affects the immature brain's structure and function.  Movement helps in developing the child's nervous system impacting on control of bodily functions, motor control, sense of self and their ability to interact socially. Children with poor physical skills can be at a disadvantage when they start formal education.

Introducing Training 

In our training sessions we offer creche workers, play workers, childminders, pre-school teachers and parents the tools to include movement play anywhere and inform them of the underlying reasoning behind this practice. 

To arrange a training session for your staff in your own centre, including follow up support please contact (01295 221729).

Movement play booklets can also be requested at a cost of £2 per copy.

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