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Disability activities

We have developed a disability plan with the Oxfordshire Sports Partnership, with the aim of increasing disabled sporting opportunities in the district within two years.

Our aim is to ensure that children, young people, and adults with a disability have the opportunity to access all activities, leisure facilities and programmes.

Our main aims are to:

  • Increase the level of opportunities for disabled sport and exercise.
  • Improve communication between CDC and partnerships, organisations and individuals.
  • Improve Visibility - to be recognised for providing disability provision. Become a promotional focal point for all opportunities within the district.

Cherwell Disability Improvement Plan pdf Disability Improvement Plan (298kb)

Existing opportunities in Cherwell pdf Disability opportunities (446kb)

If you're looking for opportunities outside of Cherwell please follow this link to the Oxfordshire Sports Partnership website

If you have any suggestions as to what activities you would like to see in Cherwell, Please contact


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