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Eco Bicester

In 2009 the Government named North West Bicester, our proposal for a 5000 home eco development at Bicester, as one of four eco town locations in the eco towns Planning Policy Statement (PPS).

Image depicting NW Bicester
Map of North West Bicester
Eco-towns are designed to achieve zero carbon development and more sustainable living using the best new design and construction.

We believe that the building of an exemplar eco town in Bicester offers an opportunity to re-position Bicester as a place where new communities are built to high environmental standards and where people across Bicester can enjoy more sustainable lifestyles built on features such as high quality public transport and zero carbon technologies. We placed our support for NW Bicester with ten conditions in the Ten Point Plan for Bicester (See section below).

We are committed to working with local communities and partners at national, regional and local levels to realise the vision for NW Bicester and with it our ambitions for Bicester as a whole.

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