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We publish 12 full colour circular walk leaflets to aid exploration of hidden North Oxfordshire.

Image depicting Circular Walks and Historic Village Trail leaflets
Circular Walks and Historic Village Trail leaflets
The leaflets are free and are available from the Banbury Museum. The leaflets can also be downloaded from the individual walk pages (see links below).

Please be aware that there have been some changes in the text and on the ground since the leaflets were published. These are noted on each walk page.

The routes are checked annually but problems and/or obstructions may arise at any time. So please be aware that there could be hazards along the routes and report any issues to

If you bring your dog with you on one of the walks, keep it under close control and on a lead when near to livestock. However, current advice recommends you do not walk between a cow and her calf and, if you are threatened by cattle, you should let the dog off the lead.

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